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BCR Issue 88

Janez Kovac
10 Nov 05
The depth of animosity in Kosovo goes far beyond that in Bosnia making the task of reconstruction and ethnic reconciliation much more difficult.
Fron Nazi
10 Nov 05
With winter approaching, international agencies are rushing to ensure basic shelter, but are hampered by logistical bottlenecks and bureaucratic delays.
10 Nov 05
This week's meetings between Serbia and Montenegro have left the small republic in a state of confusion. Is Djukanovic backing slowly away from the idea of independence or buying himself space and time to cut free from the federation?
IWPR Balkans
10 Nov 05
A small town on Montenegro's border with Kosovo has become a paradise for smugglers and a blessing for the Kosovo Albanians desperate to buy back the passports and cars they lost in the spring. Meanwhile, there is a roaring trade in construction materials