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BCR Issue 84

Branko Peric
10 Nov 05
Banja Luka's landmark 16th century Ferhadija mosque was destroyed in 1993 and all traces removed. Now it may be rebuilt, despite the city's hard-line mayor.
Janez Kovac
10 Nov 05
A new political party has been founded in Banja Luka and its name does not begin with the prefix "Serb", nor does it contain the words "Republika Srpska".
Vlado Mares
10 Nov 05
Rivalries erupted among the opposition as soon as the EU announced its heating oil aid to two towns in southern Serbia. But the real risk is that the regime, too, has its eye on the crude.
Srdjan Staletovic
10 Nov 05
Police are out in force in Serbia, and it seems to make many people feel better. Citizens are urged to spy on their neighbours and stay vigilant for "suspicious" activities. Most are happy to help.
Milka Tadic
10 Nov 05
After dangerously stoking up the campaign against Montenegro, Belgrade has suddenly offered to continue negotiations with the rebellious republic. It could be the last step before a referendum.