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BCR Issue 82

Drago Hedl
10 Nov 05
The trial and 20-year sentence of 78-year-old death camp commander Dinko Sakic have opened up new possibilities for Croatia and its president Franjo Tudjman, including a state visit to Israel.
Janez Kovac
10 Nov 05
Fearing war crimes charges, Momcilo Krajisnik of the hard-line Bosnian Serb SDS is reportedly in hiding. Meanwhile, leaders of the Bosnian Serb Radical Party have been banned from next year's elections.
Vlado Mares
10 Nov 05
According to the regime media, the poor are eating better than ever before in a wonderful TV world where Serb society flourishes and happy workers rebuild their communities. Small wonder people want to check out of the real Serbia and move into the virtua
Daniel Sunter
10 Nov 05
Since 1991 Slobodan Milosevic has showered money and top of the range military equipment - including armoured vehicles and heavy ground attack aircraft - on his special police units, and deployed them between him and his political opponents.