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BCR Issue 76

Janez Kovac
10 Nov 05
Attacks on returnees, corruption scandals and political manoeuvering... Bosnia's elections are months away, but the campaigning seems to have started already.
Iso Rusi
10 Nov 05
Though campaigning for the Macedonian presidential elections does not officially start until October 1, the political debates are underway and the top topic is the continued presence of NATO forces in the country.
Dimitrije Boarov
10 Nov 05
The dinar in the pocket of Serb consumers is worth less by the day, yet the official exchange rate of six to the German mark remains unchanged.
Milka Tadic
10 Nov 05
Montenegro's president is trying to reconcile Serbia's feuding political forces, while at home his fellow citizens make it clear they wish to be as close to Europe as possible - and as far as possible from Serbia.