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BCR Issue 75

Marian Chiriac
10 Nov 05
Romanian shippers blockaded the Danube last week in protest against trade losses incurred as a result of the war in Kosovo.
Janez Kovac
10 Nov 05
While Carlos Westendorp was High Representative in Bosnia, Republika Srpska's prime minister Milorad Dodik led a protected existence and could do no wrong. No longer.
Srdjan Staletovic
10 Nov 05
The clerks at the Yugoslav Foreign Ministry have nothing to do - their bosses are barred from travelling and almost no-one wants to visit them - which somewhat handicaps their work.
Milenko Vasovic
10 Nov 05
Economic sanctions against Yugoslavia have hit disproportionately against ordinary Serbs. Travel bans, by contrast, are successfully targeting Milosevic's elite.