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BCR Issue 66

Srdjan Staletovic
16 Nov 05
Former Yugoslav chief-of-staff Perisic launched a movement to oust his former boss, Milosevic. But he, too, has been accused of war crimes.
Marian Chiriac
16 Nov 05
Bucharest is determined to ingratiate itself with the West and integrate itself in European institutions. But Romanians are sceptical about talk of a Stability Pact for south-eastern Europe.
IWPR Balkans
16 Nov 05
Muslims who fled Yugoslavia's Sandzak region are not returning, and little else is functioning except for factories starting once again to make 'Original' Levi's 501 jeans and other bogus brand names.
Laura Rozen
16 Nov 05
Most of Pristina's remaining Serbs are elderly women. Yet they are still targets for "revenge" attacks.