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BCR Issue 576

Daniel Sunter
23 Sep 05
Damning procurement report blaming top Montenegrins fuels Montenegro’s state union grievances.
Boryana Dzhambazova
23 Sep 05
Forced into a subordinate role in their own community, Roma women also have to put up with blatant ethnic discrimination from Bulgarians.
Casey Cooper
23 Sep 05
In run-up to release of UN standards report, Serbs and Albanians assess progress on democratic and human rights goals.
Gordana Katana
23 Sep 05
Republika Srpska kicks Bosnia’s plans to open talks on joining the European Union into the long grass.
Skender Latifi
23 Sep 05
Ethnic Albanians warn Rasim Ljajic not to count on their help in dealing with this ethnically divided corner of Serbia.