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BCR Issue 565

Jeton Musliu
14 Jul 05
Years after the United Nations introduced a modern legal system in Kosovo, many still believe true justice is done by the old rules of honour and blood.
Suela Musta
14 Jul 05
A parliamentary election that some believe the opposition won by default is proving controversial.
Gordana Katana
14 Jul 05
While RS politicians are increasingly open in their criticism of the general, some say they are only trying to pass the buck.
Kalina Boykova
14 Jul 05
After getting their fingers burned in pyramid schemes and other frauds, Bulgarians are losing their fear of the stock market.
Nikola Lazic
14 Jul 05
With no jobs and no prospects, youngsters are fleeing the border town of Bosilegrad in droves.
Cristina Liberis
14 Jul 05
While the government is absorbed with battles over EU reforms, critics say it is forgetting its basic duty to the victims of a natural disaster.