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BCR Issue 558

Nikola Lazic
2 Aug 05
Apparent failure of programme aimed at getting unemployed to start own businesses raises questions about lack of entrepreneurial culture.
Marian Chiriac
2 Aug 05
Too many promising youngsters are heading West in search of better jobs.
Aida Sunje
2 Aug 05
A new regional coalition aims to set wartime atrocity record straight and bring justice to victims.
Berat Buzhala
2 Aug 05
Discovery of more Serb civilian bodies may worsen political atmosphere ahead of crucial talks on protectorate’s final status.
Tamara Causidis
2 Aug 05
Plagued by divisions, nationalists are far from offering a serious challenge to the ruling Social Democrats.
Marjana Buljan
2 Aug 05
Warnings that country could pay dearly for sale of aluminium complex to Russian company.