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BCR Issue 555

Albena Shkodrova
19 Mar 10
The younger generation seems more susceptible to nationalism than those who grew up under Socialism.
Carolina Ramos
2 Aug 05
Institutional discrimination against Pomaks may be rare, but they still feel the state neglects them.
Milena Borden
2 Aug 05
Party representing Bulgaria’s Turkish minority is facing calls to broaden its narrow focus on ethnic issues and concerns.
Suela Musta
2 Aug 05
Media campaign blaming Jehovah's Witnesses for mysterious spate of children's deaths raises witch-hunt fears.
Marian Chiriac
2 Aug 05
Parliament legislates against those who deny Romania's role in the slaughter of European Jewry.
Tamara Causidis
2 Aug 05
Influx of new blood into synod likely to stiffen its resolve in long-running dispute with Serbian church.