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BCR Issue 550

Natalija Lasica
2 Aug 05
The few centres that the government has set up to treat the country’s mainly youthful addicts are increasingly overwhelmed.
Arbana Xharra
2 Aug 05
Physical threats to businessmen and complex bureaucratic procedures turning Kosovo into black hole for investors.
Albena Shkodrova
2 Aug 05
Massive building in seaside resorts threatens ultimately to undermine foundations of tourism industry.
Daniel Sunter
2 Aug 05
Arrest of former police chief fuels speculation that Serbian government is purging supporters of assassinated prime minister Zoran Djindjic.
Svetlana Jovanovska
2 Aug 05
Contrary to reports, Balkan states unlikely to join EU together, but may get equal access to funds reserved until now for candidate states.