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BCR Issue 544

Dragana Nikolic-Solomon
2 Aug 05
Though very small in number, Serbia’s Jewish community is being increasingly targeted by an array of ultra-nationalist groups.
Aida Alic
2 Aug 05
Molesters have little to fear from a society that shuns any real debate on sexual abuse.
Zana Limani
2 Aug 05
Opposition complains the pilot scheme will reinforce Serb enclaves and cost too much money.
Alina Radu
2 Aug 05
While the communists look likely to romp home in elections this Sunday, this formerly pro-Russian party is now campaigning on a pro-European ticket.
Hugh Griffiths
2 Aug 05
Many of those suspected of committing crimes will never be brought to account.
Nedjeljko Rudovic
2 Aug 05
Podgorica’s latest separation proposal is designed to disarm opponents in Belgrade and Brussels - as well as avoid a referendum that nobody appears to want.