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BCR Issue 543

Stevo Pendarovski
2 Aug 05
A year after the death of Boris Trajkovski, the legacy of this unusual pastor-turned-politician haunts and inspires Macedonia.
Victor Roncea
2 Aug 05
Critics fear Romania's plans to act as America's main ally in the Black Sea region may complicate its plans to join the EU.
Ivana Petrovic
2 Aug 05
Young men are opting for alternatives to military service, but not everyone is happy with this breach of Serbian tradition.
Neil Barnett
2 Aug 05
Foreign investment to revive old gold-mining town on hold because of political and ecological objections.
Daniel Sunter
2 Aug 05
Serbia marks another milestone in drive to meet EU standards, but question marks over border security move remain.
Muhamet Hajrullahu
2 Aug 05
Power company’s move to cut off electricity from households that won't pay is causing uproar.