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BCR Issue 541

Haxhi Bajraktari
2 Aug 05
Scarred by potholed roads and grim-looking towns, it’s not surprising that internationals rarely visit the countryside’s hidden treasures.
Nidzara Ahmetasevic
2 Aug 05
Womens’ groups voice anger at plans to class domestic violence as a “misdemeanour” punishable with a fine.
Rashko Dorosiev
2 Aug 05
Far from solving anything, their main achievement has been to further undermine public confidence in the institutions of government.
John Simpson
2 Aug 05
Initiatives launched against the system of border bribes have failed, and in the meantime Serbia’s economy is suffering.
Drago Hedl
2 Aug 05
Search intensifies as Brussels makes it clear the general must be caught before accession talks start.