BCR Issue 539 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


BCR Issue 539

Dusica Tomovic
2 Aug 05
Republic’s 300,000 nicotine addicts have little to fear from harsh-sounding law that no one is enforcing.
Assya Kavrakova
2 Aug 05
State radio and TV need to overhaul their finances to guarantee their independence and the quality of their programmes.
Radmila Sekerinska
2 Aug 05
If Macedonia is duly rewarded for its efforts to join key western institutions, it will serve as a beacon for the region.
Suela Musta
2 Aug 05
The discovery of a field near Tirana containing a forgotten stockpile of deadly chemicals is raising environmental concerns.
Nikola Lazic
2 Aug 05
A businessman believes there is one reason why he was prevented from taking ownership of the factory he paid for: he is of the wrong ethnicity.