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BCR Issue 538

Vessela Tcherneva
2 Aug 05
Politicians fail to spell out the true benefits of America’s plans to make use of the country’s military bases.
Matei Paun
2 Aug 05
Shift to a flat tax rate should boost investment and help win control of the huge grey economy.
Nicholas Whyte
2 Aug 05
The territory has been moving towards independence since 1999, and it is time for the international community to say so.
Tanja Matic
2 Aug 05
Growth of a real opposition force in Kosovo could provide much-needed shot in the arm for territory’s limp democracy.
Drago Hedl
2 Aug 05
Disappointing HDZ show in presidential poll may have a knock-on effect on ruling party’s results in local elections.
Milan Culibrk
2 Aug 05
Decision to withhold 10 million US dollars may have knock-on effect on the economy and even damage Serbia's chances of joining the EU.
Ana Petruseva
2 Aug 05
German national claims that he suffered months of abuse in a Kabul jail after being arrested on Skopje trip.