BCR Issue 536 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


BCR Issue 536

Camilla Algarheim
2 Aug 05
International agencies trying to revive a war-torn area of Macedonia may be fighting a losing battle.
Drago Hedl
2 Aug 05
Spate of incidents linked to premier’s efforts to boost European Union membership prospects.
Gordana Katana
2 Aug 05
Little sign that SDS-led government is ready to please international community by arresting war crimes suspects.
Artan Mustafa
2 Aug 05
Soren Jessen-Petersen’s dynamism and engagement with the community have revolutionised once-sceptical attitudes towards the UN-led authority.
Skender Latifi
2 Aug 05
Fatal shooting leads to further demands from south Serbia Albanians for union with Kosovo.
Pedja Obradovic
2 Aug 05
As final status talks on Kosovo approach, Belgrade is reinforcing its presence in the volatile border region.