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BCR Issue 532

Ardita Behluli
21 Feb 05
Both Serb and Albanian woman are starting to resist the idea that they’re destined to be homemakers.
Tatjana Stamenkovic
21 Feb 05
Most reporters on the region’s new ethnically mixed radio and TV stations enjoy the challenge - but that isn’t always the case with the listeners.
Faruk Daliu
21 Feb 05
The end of the 2001 conflict has left ex-fighters feeling they gained little from handing over their guns.
Belgzim Kamberi
21 Feb 05
The intrusion of politics into sport has left Albanian teams torn over whether to take part in Serbian or Kosovo leagues.
Nikola Lazic
21 Feb 05
It sounds like a wonderful idea, but the vision of Albanian and Serb children studying under one roof has some people foaming at the mouth.
Skender Latifi
21 Feb 05
After recent local elections handed victory to more militant Albanian parties, talk of border changes is once more in the air.