BCR Issue 530 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


BCR Issue 530

Aida Sunje
21 Feb 05
“Go West” stirs angry debate with its unprecedented depiction of a gay love affair in wartime Bosnia.
Marian Chiriac
21 Feb 05
Voters have little belief in ambitious pledges of main players in upcoming election.
Albena Shkodrova
21 Feb 05
 Charges lodged against a Romanian reporter and the BBC over concealed cameras trigger a furore over the limits of press freedom.
Mitko Jovanov
21 Feb 05
Government may be disappointed in its hopes of a fast end to trial of four policemen accused of killing a group of economic migrants.
Pedja Obradovic
21 Feb 05
Army prestige will take a battering if an independent commission into their deaths differs from the military's own account.
John Simpson
21 Feb 05
Activists who helped topple Milosevic played a key role in the formation of the Ukrainian protest movement - but can now only watch events and wait from afar.