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BCR Issue 525

Denisa Kostovicova
21 Feb 05
The Serbs have shot themselves in the foot by excluding themselves from Kosovo institutions at a critical time.
Markus Bickel
21 Feb 05
There is increasing international unease over the unaccountable and unsupervised powers of Bosnia’s High Representative.
Drago Hedl
21 Feb 05
Bolstered by reputation for simplicity, popular septuagenarian looks likely to romp home in leadership ballot.
Nedjeljko Rudovic
21 Feb 05
Podgorica’s real aim is to avoid federal elections, which might go badly for prime minister Djukanovic.
Ana Petruseva
21 Feb 05
Referendum result shows public have no appetite for reopening old disputes.
Boris Georgievski
21 Feb 05
US recognition of Macedonia as the country’s official title is welcomed locally, but meets hostility from Greece.