BCR Issue 522 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


BCR Issue 522

Stacy Sullivan
16 Nov 05
American-Albanians appear to hope Kerry victory will put Kosovo back on the foreign policy agenda.
Duska Anastasijevic
16 Nov 05
Autonomous enclaves cannot help most Kosovo Serbs who live scattered throughout the territory.
Baton Haxhiu
16 Nov 05
The straightjacket forced on Kosovo’s media since March has only worsened its condition.
Zana Limani
16 Nov 05
For all the disillusionment with the old parties, newcomers may struggle to break through.
Muhamet Hajrullahu
16 Nov 05
Whoever takes office will have to deal with growing public frustration over jobs, energy and schools, as well as final status.