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BCR Issue 498

Elmira Bayrasli
21 Feb 05
Parliament's failure to pass much-needed legislation on higher education says a lot about the gap between pro-Europe rhetoric and stumbling reforms.
Vladimir Sudar
21 Feb 05
No-hopers are flocking once again to take part in a presidential race that they cannot win.
Tamara Causidis
21 Feb 05
The main opposition party VMRO is riven by a damaging conflict that threatens to cause a schism.
Rexhep Selimi
21 Feb 05
The appearance of masked men claiming to represent the Albanian National Army in Kosovo's Drenica region is no more than a publicity stunt.
Muhamet Hajrullahu
21 Feb 05
In the old heartland of the KLA a new paramilitary force is trying to win support.