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BCR Issue 491

Marian Chiriac
21 Feb 05
With elections due in November, the authorities are reluctant to undertake job-cutting reforms.
Stephan Müller
21 Feb 05
The recent violence in Kosovo was largely a consequence of a failure to integrate its minorities.
Sonja Biserko
21 Feb 05
In less than a month, the new government is showing a worrying tendency to unravel democratic reforms.
Slobodan Vucetic
21 Feb 05
The possible election of an ultra-nationalist as head of state would not reverse Serbia's reforms.
Vladimir Sudar
21 Feb 05
Rifts inside the democratic bloc may hand the country's top job to the extreme right.
Artan Mustafa
21 Feb 05
Last month's violent riots have not shaken the internationals' determination to make Kosovo's leadership play by their rules.