BCR Issue 479 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


BCR Issue 479

Hugh Griffiths
21 Feb 05
Seizure of two former Karadzic bodyguards part of concerted NATO strategy to capture Hague indictee.
Tanja Matic
21 Feb 05
Albanians may have thrown off Belgrade rule but they are still part of the Serbian economy.
Neil Barnett
21 Feb 05
Lack of funds, surveillance equipment and official corruption hamper task of controlling the illegal trade in people and drugs.
Marian Chiriac
21 Feb 05
Bucharest lands in hot water with European Union after evidence of international adoption ban violations emerges.
Drago Hedl
21 Feb 05
After years of tolerating neo-Fascist imagery, political correctness is penetrating such nationalist bastions as the Catholic Church.
Zeljko Cvijanovic
21 Feb 05
Socialists may hold the key to formation of new government.