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BCR Issue 371

Sadik Pazarac
2 Oct 02
Bosnia's print media has reached a new low in the build-up to polling day, accused of openly siding with political parties and laying into their opponents.
Senad Slatina
2 Oct 02
A look at the key players among the scores of political parties and thousands of candidates contesting the October 5 general elections.
Julie Poucher
2 Oct 02
Leaders of the republic's three religions once exercised significant political influence, but are not expected to have much of a say in upcoming elections.
2 Oct 02
Voters in this week's elections must decide whether they want their country to move towards European integration or remain a Balkan backwater.
Nidzara Ahmetasevic
2 Oct 02
Record numbers of women in Bosnia-Hercegovina have entered the political arena, but they still face an uphill struggle.