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BCR Issue 260

Agim Fetahu
6 Sep 05
Milosevic's extradition has prompted all manner of emotions on the streets of Pristina
Zeljko Cvijanovic
6 Sep 05
Even from The Hague Milosevic remains a divisive element in Yugoslav politics
Tim Judah
6 Sep 05
Will future historians note that this was the year that Serbia finally escaped the clutch of the Vidovdan curse?
Dimitrije Boarov
6 Sep 05
With Milosevic finally behind bars at The Hague, international donors now have to cough up much needed funds for Yugoslav reconstruction
6 Sep 05
When Milosevic takes the stand at The Hague he will give chapter and verse on the deals he did with those who came to try to make peace - how much they knew, how much they tacitly agreed to.
Marcus Tanner
6 Sep 05
The Serbian government has finally plucked up the courage to draw a line under the Milosevic era.