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BCR Issue 235

Gordana Stojanovska
6 Sep 05
The Macedonian conflict is destroying Skopje's multi-cultural spirit
6 Apr 01
Arben Xhaferi, president of the Democratic Party of Albanians, DPA, a partner in Macedonia's governing coalition, explains to IWPR why immediate constitutional changes are imperative for a peaceful resolution of the current crisis.
Ozren Kebo
5 Apr 01
Bosniaks are divided over the threat posed by HDZ self-rule plans
Emin Azemi
5 Apr 01
Albanian lawyers claim dozens of innocent members of their community are being arrested on suspicion of terrorism
Dragutin Hedl
5 Apr 01
Right-wing militants are suspected of a spate of terrorist attacks
Tim Judah
5 Apr 01
Now that Milosevic is behind bars Belgrade leaders hope to be able to get on with the job of reviving their moribund country