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BCR Issue 228

Ivan Krastev
6 Sep 05
Bulgaria's worst nightmare threatens to become reality as fighting escalates in Macedonia
Laura Rozen
21 Mar 01
Although so far undeclared, the NLA's ultimate goal is likely to be territorial autonomy for Albanians in Macedonia
Kim Mehmeti
21 Mar 01
Macedonia's conflict exposes the myth of fruitful inter-ethnic dialogue over the last ten years.
Veton Surroi
21 Mar 01
Macedonian and Albanian representatives, inside and outside government, must sit down together and draw up far-reaching political reforms.
Karina Johansen
21 Mar 01
The international community must do more to help Macedonia deal with the NLA insurgency
Branko Geroski
21 Mar 01
Albanians will soon realise the NLA terrorists have done them enormous political harm