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BCR Issue 211

Anthony Borden
6 Sep 05
Speakers at a London conference on the Balkans call for the West to help Yugoslavia resolve its internal problems peacefully.
Dragan Nikolic
22 Jan 01
The long-standing border dispute between Macedonia and Serbia could soon be resolved.
Zeljko Cvijanovic
22 Jan 01
West forces new Bosnian Serb premier to make changes to his new cabinet
Janez Kovac
22 Jan 01
A new moderate coalition has wrested control from hardline nationalists in Bosnia's Muslim-Croat Federation.
Dragana Nikolic
22 Jan 01
Deposed president Slobodan Milosevic has become a virtual prisoner in his own home.
Zeljko Ivanovic
22 Jan 01
Political parties in Montenegro search for formula on holding referendum on independence