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BCR Issue 2

Dejan Anastasijevic
12 Feb 99
Kosovo is the only political glue binding Belgrade's fractious governing coalition together. Milosevic's real problem will be after a deal, when Serbia finally has to face itself.
Fred Abrahams
12 Feb 99
Almost all the details at the Kosovo talks are decided, and the key decisions are clear: independence is out, NATO is in, and Milosevic stays on top.
12 Feb 99
NATO jeeps and UN helicopters seem to be everywhere in Macedonia, as the international forces are expanded in anticipation of a Kosovo deployment. For its strong cooperation with the West, Skopje hopes to win big political and economic benefits.
Fron Nazi
12 Feb 99
KLA fighters have little faith in the Rambouillet negotiations. Convinced that the differences are too great, they expect the process to collapse, and fresh hostilities to erupt.