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BCR Issue 145

Milka Tadic
6 Sep 05
The murder of a senior Montenegrin official fuels tensions between Belgrade and Podgorica
Zeljko Bajic
2 Jun 00
Government interference is being blamed for a wave of corruption and indiscipline in the Macedonian armed forces
Dragutin Hedl
2 Jun 00
A Croatian magazine has shed new light on the government's involvement in the Bosnian war.
Sonja Biserko
2 Jun 00
There is desire for change in Serbia. But it comes from the heartlands, not Belgrade, from people facing severe hardship and student activists ready to take real risks. The regime, and the opposition, offer nothing.
Mirsad Behram
2 Jun 00
Local journalist in the Bosnian town of Mostar pay tribute to former colleagues, Miguel Gil Moreno de Mora and Kurt Schork, who lost their lives covering the war in Sierra Leone.