BCR Issue 136 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


BCR Issue 136

Vlado Mares
2 May 00
Milosevic is using his infamous Information Law to drive independent media out of business.
Dragutin Hedl
2 May 00
Extremists in Croatia are attempting to sabotage an investigation into the alleged mass execution of Serbs almost ten years ago.
Marian Chiriac
2 May 00
Romania is hoping for an economic upturn after partially lifting its oil embargo against Yugoslavia.
Miroslav Filipovic
2 May 00
Serb refugees disillusioned with life in Serbia are being encouraged to return to Kosovo.
Paul Hockenos
2 May 00
Bosnian Serbs have begun to set aside the hatreds and exaggerated stereotypes that fueled the war.