BCR Issue 124 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


BCR Issue 124

Dragutin Hedl
15 Mar 00
The new Croatian government attempts to defuse rightwing revolt over war crimes conviction.
Zeljko Bajic
14 Mar 00
Macedonians are racked with fears over terrorism, organised crime and a new conflict in Serbia.
Zvonko Tarle
14 Mar 00
Serbia's opposition leaders share Milosevic's hard-line stance on Kosovo - some even consider he has been "too soft."
Milenko Vasovic
14 Mar 00
When international sanctions block most exports, the few remaining markets should surely be prized. Not in Serbia.
Miroslav Filipovic
14 Mar 00
Hundreds of army reservists have taken to the streets of Kraljevo to protest against the Yugoslav government's latest draft.