BCR Issue 113 | Institute for War and Peace Reporting


BCR Issue 113

Llazar Semini
5 Feb 00
The violence in Mitrovica has undermined confidence on all sides and is likely to hamper international efforts to build joint institutions.
Petar Jeknic
4 Feb 00
In the ethnically divided town of Orahovac, Albanians are unwilling to forgive the Serb minority for its conduct during the Kosovo conflict.
Marian Chiriac
4 Feb 00
After four years in power, Romania's main ruling party seems more concerned with internal divisions than fulfilling electoral pledges of economic prosperity.
Miroslav Filipovic
4 Feb 00
Families demanding compensation from the Yugoslav Army for relatives killed while serving in Kosovo claim they are being short-changed.
Albana Kasapi
4 Feb 00
Albanian women widowed by the Kosovo war are learning to do what was once considered men's work.