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BCR Issue 110

Ridvan Berisha
25 Jan 00
Now that the tables have turned in Kosovo, Serbs in the eastern town of Gnjilane (Gjilan) are selling up and moving out of the province for good.
Daut Dauti
25 Jan 00
After months of protracted negotiations, the KLA has finally been transformed into a trouble-shooting civilian force. But as Daut Dauti reports, the move has enraged Serbia, which sees the move as the legalisation of a separatist army.
Janez Kovac
25 Jan 00
A key Bosnian opposition leader is facing unprecedented local and international criticism, increasing the likelihood of the ruling nationalist parties winning local elections in April.
Srdjan Staletovic
25 Jan 00
Zelejko Raznatovic was best known as a warlord. But Arkan was also an extremely successful smuggler, who made a fortune dealing everything from petrol to fertilisers.