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ARR Issue 492

Ahmad Shah
11 Jul 14
Out-of-date and counterfeit substances pose serious threat to public health.
Abdullah Abdullah (left) and Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai. (Photos: US embassy Kabul/Flickr)
Hafizullah Gardesh
10 Jul 14
Amid accusations of vote-rigging, analysts warn of turbulent times ahead.
Rozuddin, Mina Habib
10 Jul 14
Sales of artwork rise in southern city, where buyers seem more discerning than in Kabul.
Hijratullah Ekhtyar
9 Jul 14
Lack of proper regulation leads to casual slaughtering practices and sales of diseased meat.
Gol Ahmad Ehsan
9 Jul 14
Taleban may exploit power vacuum as election result controversy continues.