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ARR Issue 431

11 May 12
No one has yet called alleged perpetrators of war crimes to account, and there is little chance of it happening once foreign troops leave in 2014.
Abdul Latif Sahak
10 May 12
In Balkh province, residents say foreign troops are conducting searches just the same as before.
President Karzai attending a NATO summit on Afghanistan, November 2010. (Photo: UN Photo/Evan Schneider)
Mina Habib
10 May 12
President says foreign troop withdrawal could make 2014 poll impossible.
Ahmad Shah Jawad
3 May 12
In one area of Uruzgan province, two doctors are supposed to look after tens of thousands of people.
IWPR's new resource centre for journalists in Uruzgan. (Photo: IWPR)
IWPR Afghanistan
1 May 12
Media resource centre will connect Uruzgan to the outside world.
Khan Mohammad Danishju
1 May 12
Donors gave more than one million dollars in funding and materials, but paper trail for where this went proves elusive.
Hamed Mehri
30 Apr 12
Street sellers say they have to pay daily bribes to city officials if they want to continue working.
Gulab Shah Bawer
30 Apr 12
Medicines provided by international donors go missing and turn up on the open market.