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ARR Issue 397

Taliban members in Kandahar surrender and join the government's peace process, April 2011. (Photo: ISAF/Major James Crawford)
Mina Habib, Shahpoor Saber
13 May 11
Despite fears of revenge attacks, analysts predict insurgents’ morale and funding will be sapped.
A British soldier from the ISAF contingent on patrol in Kabul. Picture taken in 2008. (Photo: ISAF/US Air Force Tech. Sgt. Laura K. Smith)
Khan Mohammad Danishju
13 May 11
American military warns that 2011 will be especially violent.
Khan Mohammad Danishju
10 May 11
No one raised alarm as hundreds of prisoners escaped through tunnel in Kandahar.
Italian soldiers running a first-aid course for Afghans in Gozara province. Some residents are unhappy that promised reconstruction work has yet to materialise. (Photo: ISAF media)
Shahpoor Saber
9 May 11
Locals say insurgents feeding on resentment at undelivered pledges.
On the Khyber Pass, the most famous crossing on Afghanistan’s long and poorly-defined border with neighbouring Pakistan. (Photo by James Mollison/Creative Commons)
Khan Mohammad Danishju, Mina Habib
6 May 11
Recent Pakistani attempts to woo Kabul have failed to build confidence.