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ARR Issue 373

Sayed Rahmatullah Alizada
27 Sep 10
Candidate denies assaulting election officers and stuffing ballot boxes.
	US army soldiers out on patrol in Wardak province's Tangi Valley.</p>
23 Sep 10
Afghan media chiefs say IWPR feature helped them better understand lawless reality in province.
Afghans load ballot boxes into a helicopter in Jaghatu, Afghanistan. (Photo: US Air Force Staff Sergeant Joseph Swafford/ISAF)
Mohammad Ilyas Dayee
21 Sep 10
While avoiding large-scale violence, province sees low turnout for Afghan parliamentary election.
International troops patrol with armed Afghans who are part of a road maintenance team in Tagab district, Kapisa province, in March 2010. (Photo: Staff Sergeant Horace Murray/US Army)
Mohammad Fahim
17 Sep 10
Insurgents ousted from northeastern area after blocking road project.
Afghan civilians and members of the Afghan National Army unload ballot materials from an Mi-17 helicopter in Jaghuri, in preparation for the September 18 election. (Photo: ISAF/U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Joseph Swafford/released)
8 Sep 10
Ground-breaking election coverage sent out to Afghans across the country during crucial election period.