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ARR Issue 358

15 Apr 10
Insurgents vow to hit back hard after offensive by international forces. By Hewad in Kabul
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, holds a shura with Afghan leaders in Marja, Afghanistan. Source: ISAF Media
Mohammad Ilyas Dayee
15 Apr 10
Operation to tackle rebels goes on but locals wait for promised reconstruction. By Mohammad Ilyas Dayee in Helmand
15 Apr 10
IWPR steps up media development activities in the west of the country.
Killing of local warlord Ghulam Yahya Akbari has transformed the lives of Gozara residents. Photo by IWPR.
Mustafa Saber
13 Apr 10
Insurgent commander’s demise ends reign of oppression in Gozara, western Afghanistan. By Mustafa Saber in Herat
Taleban troops parade through Musa Qala. Photo by Aziz Ahmad Tassal. November 2007.
Habiburrahman Ibrahimi
12 Apr 10
Former rebel fighter believes there’s no point in talks because neither side is prepared to compromise. By Habiburrahman Ibrahimi in Kabul
Habiburrahman Ibrahimi
9 Apr 10
Cash for deaths, injury and damage caused during military operations seen as disrespectful and violating tradition. By Habiburrahman Ibrahimi in Kabul