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ARR Issue 26

Mohammad Hakim
3 Mar 05
The authorities believe they have come up with a strategy for revitalising Afghanistan's ailing education sector.
Danish Karokhel
3 Mar 05
People are flocking to a bizarre new shrine north of Kabul after reports of miracle cures.
Abdul Wali
3 Mar 05
Kabulis try to circumvent government bid to take the spice out of Indian movies broadcast on Afghan television.
Abdul Baseer
3 Mar 05
Afghanistan looks to foreign visitors - and their money - to boost the country and its economy.
Shoib Safi
3 Mar 05
Residents of the Afghan capital are living with the constant threat of explosives and car bombs.
Rahimullah Samandar
3 Mar 05
Many Afghans say they had to pay a heavy price for the American bombing raids that forced the Taleban out of power.