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ARR 558

Qadeer Ghafori
16 Nov 16
De facto courts flourish in areas outside government control.
An Afghan woman weaving a rug. (Photo: Heidi Agostini)
Sodaba Ahrari
15 Nov 16
Female entrepreneurs argue they could achieve much more with extra governmental assistance.
Statistics show an increase in violence against women. (Photo: Eric Kanalstein/UNAMA)
Wahida Shahkar
14 Nov 16
People with powerful connections find it easy to avoid prosecution.
IWPR Afghanistan
14 Nov 16
Female workers have little access to public sector jobs in northeast province.
Renewed fighting in Helmand has led to a fresh wave of displacement among the local population. (Photo: Al Jazeera/Flickr)
Gul Ahmad Ehsan
8 Nov 16
Ongoing surge of violence means that villagers are continuing to flee their homes.
Child marriage remains rampant in the north of Afghanistan. (Photo: Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)
Qayum Babak
7 Nov 16
Tribal elders say that most girls are married off before the age of 14.
IWPR interviewed dozens of women about their experiences of domestic abuse. (Photo: Eric Kanalstein/UNAMA)
Asila Gahreek
7 Nov 16
Suspects exploit disorder to escape to insurgent-controlled areas to evade justice.