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Arab Spring Issue 24

Father of detained footballer Zulfiqar Naji standing next to a poster of his son. (Photo: Hanadi Naji)
Farah Ali
27 Jul 11
Family deny allegations that 16-year-old participated in violent protests.
Thousands attend rallyn in Bahrain demanding an elected government. (Photo: Mohamed CJ/Wikimedia)
Yasser Al Sayegh
27 Jul 11
Activists say source of frequency jamming coming from island kingdom.
Anti-regime protesters in Sana’a. (Photo: Kate B. Dixon)
Hamza Alshargabi
27 Jul 11
Acute water shortages in Taiz and arrival of droves of IDPs in Aden causes concerns.
Syrians say Assad's offer of dialogue is disingenuous. (Photo: James Gordon/Flickr)
Maryam Hasan
26 Jul 11
Syrian leader losing the plot with his overtures towards those he deems to be opposition leaders.
A protester at Tel Aviv’s tent protest. The sign reads, “I don’t have a house for him.” (Photo: Yossi Gurvitz)
Michal Levertov
25 Jul 11
Israeli protests over soaring housing prices echo demonstrations elsewhere in region.
Protesters camped out infront of Pearly square on March 4, 2011, days before the demonstration was broken up. (Photo: Justin Ormont/Wikimedia)
Fadel Mohammed
25 Jul 11
University crackdown leads to mass expulsions and suspensions.