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Arab Spring Issue 23

Many yound Tunisians are wary of the growing influence of the Islamists. (Photo: Hamideddine Bouali)
Ramy Jarboui
22 Jul 11
Young activists say tensions are growing with Islamists as they flex their political muscle.
Protesters outside the Egyptian parliament at the height of the revolution. (Photo: Monasosh/Flickr)
Osama Diab
21 Jul 11
Some believe governing principles must be put in place ahead of elections to ensure a stable democracy.
Young people have played a prominent role in anti-regime protests in Yemen. (Photo: Kate B. Dixon)
Mariann Markseth Omholt
20 Jul 11
Emerging protest groups predicted to become political power-brokers.
Leading public figures have now joined the protest movement, further undermining the legitimacy of the regime. (Photo: Syriana2011/Flickr)
Zoe Holman
20 Jul 11
Intellectuals give impetus to uprising as regime's policy of mass arrests fails to deter protesters.
Anti-regime protestors march in Sanaa. (Photo: Kate Dixon/Flickr)
Afrah Nasser
18 Jul 11
President’s influence continues to be felt as insecurity and hunger spreads.