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Arab Spring Issue 2

Ashraf Khalil
21 Feb 11
Israel-Egypt border. They used to have a cold peace, but what sort of relations are Egypt and Israel likely to have in future? (Photo: Jaan-Cornelius K/Flickr)
Daniella Peled
21 Feb 11
The Egyptian army has been quick to commit to all its international agreements, however ordinary people say they want more dignified relations with their neighbour.
Small-screen coverage of the Egyptian uprising has exploded many of the myths perpetuated by Arab TV dramas. (Photo: Ramy Raoof/Flickr)
Raed El Rafei
17 Feb 11
For decades Egyptian soap operas conditioned Arabs to be virtuous and stoic when all around them was corrupt – TV footage of the Egyptian uprising has changed all that.
Egyptians want to see their victory tranlate into political and economic justice. (Photo: Hossam el-Hamalawy/Flickr)
Ehab Kotb
13 Feb 11
After the euphoria of Mubarak's resignation, Egyptians discuss fundamental political and economic reforms.