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Arab Spring Issue 17

Moroccan protesters demand reforms, May 2. (Photo: Lucyin)
Rachid Jankari
10 Jun 11
People do not have a problem with the king, but rather the pace of change within the establishment.
President Saleh has been under pressure to resign since January. This picture shows a protest in Sanaa in February. (Photo: Magnus Mansk/WikiCommons)
Mariann Markseth Omholt
10 Jun 11
Opposition groups staging protests aren't the only groups that want President Saleh to go.
Egyptian rights activist Dalia Ziada. (Photo: D. Ziada)
Dalia Ziada
7 Jun 11
Some way to go to make democratic attitudes take root, particularly when it comes to women’s rights.
The large street campaigns may be over, but activists are continuing to press for change using online media. Here, a protester holds an Egyptian flag during demonstrations earlier this year. (Photo: Flickr/M. Soli)
Alaa Abd El Fattah
3 Jun 11
Social media still being used to protest against limits to freedom.
Fethi Touzri
1 Jun 11
End of overnight curfew seen as sign of new approach to policing as Tunisia makes halting progress.