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ACR Issue 300

American soldiers from the Georgia National Guard training Ugandan troops, April 2011. (Photo: US Army/Sgt. 1st Class Brock Jones)
Barrett Holmes Pitner
17 Aug 11
Efforts to defeat feared group run into trouble as regional governments fail to address threat.
Experts say prosecutors struggle to gather evidence required to convict perpetrators of rape. (Photo: ICC/Flickr)
Passy Mubalama, Espérance Nzigire
8 Aug 11
Campaigners say court has improved its record on prosecuting gender-based violence but obstacles to justice remain.
Election workers in Bunia, Ituri, explain the electoral process to voters before the second round of presidential and provincial elections in 2006. (Photo: UN Photo: Martine Perret)
Mélanie Gouby
28 Jul 11
Evidence of badly mismanaged registration process does not augur well for elections later this year.
A South Sudanese soldier holds up the new national flag during the July 9 independence celebrations. The army is closely associated with the ruling party. (Photo: UN Photo/Paul Banks)
Barrett Holmes Pitner
25 Jul 11
World’s newest country faces challenge of establishing democracy that includes all factions.
Congolese women are fearful of reporting sexual harassment. (Photo: Melanie Gouby)
Rehema Kabuo
21 Jul 11
Fear of retribution and social disgrace discourages female workers from reporting sexual harassment.