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ACR Issue 196

Peter Eichstaedt
8 Jan 09
Peter Eichstaedt
24 Dec 08
Contested oil-rich region may trigger renewed conflict between north and south.
Tajeldin Adam
22 Dec 08
They say an ICC probe would deter further attacks on the internal refugee camp.
Ewing Ahmed
20 Dec 08
Fed up with ineffectual police and judges, residents say they resort to extreme violence to scare off criminals.
Eugène Bakama
19 Dec 08
Region’s troubles caused by internal and external factors – a solution must take both into account.
18 Dec 08
Offensive said to be aimed at pushing rebel leader back to peace talks, but northerners fear consequences if it fails.
Bill Oketch
16 Dec 08
Development agencies do their best to turn things around in the north of the country, but they face an uphill struggle.