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Be Bold for Change


Syria's Rebellious Women

By Zaina Erhaim

Three stories give a rare insight into a side of Syria often absent from the news.

Known as “the troublemaker” by her friends, Ahed was at the vanguard of the demonstrations in Aleppo against both Assad’s government and the Islamic State. Despite the beatings and humiliation meted out by both forces, she continued to devote herself to relief work and activism.



Challenging Submissive Stereotypes

By Timur Toktonaliev

Women may wear hijab, but they refuse to be pigeonholed.

Journalists working for Umma, Kyrgyzstan’s only Muslim affairs magazine. (Photo courtesy of Umma magazine)


Female Convicts Face Harsh Future

By IWPR Central Asia

Experts say that jailing women has far-reaching societal repercussions.

Convicts going for a walk at Kyrgyzstan's only women's prison at Stepnoe. (Photo: IWPR)


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The Pain of Polygamy

By IWPR Central Asia

Men see taking extra and unofficial ‘wives’ as a sign of social prestige.

A Kazak bride and groom celebrate in Astana. (Photo: Neyran Elden/Flickr)



New Law Targets Sexual Harassment

By Mina Habib

Opinion divided over legislation that will outlaw such abuse for the first time.

Afghanistan has introduced legislation banning the harassment of women and children. (Photo: Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)