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The Forgotten Victims

IWPR documentary sheds light on the war crimes and other human rights abuses committed in Afghanistan over two decades of serial conflict. “The Forgotten Victims” covers the period from just before the 1979 Soviet invasion and ensuing occupation, through the civil war of the early 1990s, to the Taleban’s rule from 1996 to 2001. Because of its wide historical sweep, the film covers only a selection of incidents.

The Forgotten Victims
an IWPR production

Photographed and directed by Javier Manzano


Additional photography by Julia Galiano-Rios and Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission


Produced by Zaman Mohammadi


Associate producer Firuz Rahimi


Edited by Javier Manzano and Julia Galiano-Rios


Narrated by Shafi Sharifi

Special thanks to
Shafi Sharifi, Noorullah “El N” Dawari, Noorrahman Rahmani, Zabihullah Ziar, Sadeq Behnam, Enayat Najafizada, Dr. Sima Samar, Aschiana, Physicians for Human Rights, Dr. Stefan Smith, Dr. Sebqatullah Khaksari, Ustad Zahir, Abdul Musawer, Zekrullah Mohammad Qasim, Ustad Sima, Mohammad Hanif, Gholam Reza Mohammadi, Homayra Tamana, Ali Asqar Yaqubi, Nazifa Latifi, Boman Abdul, Hajar Ali Hussein, Shohrbanu Musa, Dr. Sima Samar, Fauza Gailani, Sardar Vali, Ustad Safa, Ibrahim Mohammed Hussein, Mohammed Qasim Takawar, Engineer Mohammed Yousof.

Archive footage Ziaullhaq Sultani - DT productions

“Making a film like this in the current climate requires a lot of courage. It’s a great step towards seeking justice.”

Mohammad Nader Atash

A Defence Lawyer, Nangarhar

“We hope that the film will raise the voices of the victims and their heirs, because their voices have been suffocated.”

Noorrahman Rahmani

IWPR Afghanistan Country Director

"This film will increase the public’s rejection of war and violence. It can be regarded as an effective message of peace."

Turialay Razaqyar

Former Information and Culture Chief, Balkh province

"The pain which our people have suffered for years should be cured by bringing the criminals to court. This film is an example of such a cure."

Massouda Jalal

Former Minister for Women’s Affairs